Calling all musicians, producers & audiophiles.

massive recording studio sale

This is the ultimate cost & time-saving opportunity to dramatically improve your recording & rehearsing setup in one fell swoop, or create one from scratch - perfect for anyone passionate about sound & sound equipment. Maybe you're a pro musician, audio engineer, music/film producer, or already a recording studio owner. Perhaps you're an aspiring musician, or run a music nonprofit or music school and are looking to upgrade.
We're here to help your recording dreams come to life. You'll have the added benefit of learning from two experienced studio owners who have already lived the dream. Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about us, see the space we ran, and get a taste of the supplies & gear. Much of it could be yours, and while we are already selling at a reduced rate, supplies & gear come greatly discounted when purchased in full.

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here. Further detail available upon request.

This is an extremely rare opportunity & won't be available long - so act fast.

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